"Lezer" by Foradori, 2023


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mostly Teroldego

light bodied


Teroldego blend

Sweet cranberry, ripe strawberry, sweet clove. Palate is round and uber-light, the ultimate natural expression of native Teroldego grape showcasing the grape and the terroir.

The hail storms of August 2017 destroyed 40% of their harvest, and they decided to create a light-bodied expression of Teroldego.  The legendary Foradori estate led by Elisabetta Foradori continues to make this beautiful wine in limited quantities, of which we snag the lionshare of Wisconsin’s allocation (which usually is consumed by Jenn, but this year she’s sharing).  LIMITED AVAILABILITY.  4 months in cement tanks, wooden barrels and terracotta amphorae

Rosso Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT | Italy