2020 Montauto Staccione Rosato


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The Sangiovese grapes come from 15-year-old vines. The land is located 200m above sea level and 10km from the coast in the south of the Grosseto province, in inland Maremma.
Mainly clayey and stony soils, the vineyards are characterised by major temperature differences between day and night.

Cordon spur with 3,300 vines/hectare

The grapes are selected and harvested by hand. The harvest usually takes place in mid-September and only in the early morning hours to ensure the grapes are very fresh when they arrive in the cellar.

Harvesting period mid-September. Soft crushing, juice briefly macerated with the skins, fermented without the skins for 15 days at 12°C, stabilized with the cold.

Salmon pink colour, persistent and floral bouquet with hints of rose petal, on the palate a perfect balance of flavour, freshness and a fruity finish.  Pairs well with all fish dishes, pasta dishes that aren’t too rich and white meats. Also great as an aperitif.