Vintage 38 Wine Club

The Vintage 38 wine clubs are an adventure in discovering new, artisan wines from around the world! We seek out wine that is made with superior attention to the art of winemaking - minimal intervention, premium terroir, skilled winemakers.

    • Don’t get stuck buying mass-produced wine - enjoy high quality, artisan wine at everyday prices
    • Break-free from the big house wineries and discover winemakers making wine for the art of it
    • Expand your palate!  Discover what you like, this is your journey.
    • Complimentary Vintage 38 Pulltap Corkscrew to take home
    • Enjoy complimentary glass(es) of wine at Vintage 38 - One glass of wine monthly for every 2-bottles in your club! 
    • Enjoy our MONDAY flights - one complimentary MONDAY flight per month per membership.  If you have more than 2 bottles in your club, you can visit multiple times (1 complimentary flight for every 2 bottles in your club).
    • 10% off all retail bottles to-go (purchased in-store or online) 

club VINTAGE - from $33/month
2 or 4 bottles monthly
selections are modestly priced wine for "everyday" enjoyment

club UMA - from $44/month
2, 4 or 6 bottles monthly
MIX OF modestly priced wine for "everyday" and premium wine for exploration

NEW for 2022! 
club 1938 - $55/month
2 bottles monthly
premium priced wine for pondering + exploration.

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