Finding Beauty Wine Tasting 2.12.19

Join us Tuesday evening, February 12th for our next wine tasting... 

"Finding Beauty... a tasting on the art of wine appreciation."

There is beauty all around us and learning to appreciate it leads us to a more beautiful life.  

Wine is an art form, and each artist creates with a vision in mind.  As in traditional art forms, there are moments where we find ourselves saying "I love that!" or "I don't like that."

We might have our favorites, but we can all grow from learning how to appreciate a wine for what it is.

Instead of focusing on a particular varietal or region, we are highlighting learning a few easy steps to appreciate wine as an art form.  It will be fun, informative, low stress and all for the love of wine! 

Our Valentine this year is wine ... all of it!  

You'll be treated to the usual line up of 6 wines, plus a bonus wine... as well as a small snack of cheese, prosciutto & marcona almonds.

Please reserve your seat in advance as these events tend to sell out. 

Tuesday February 12, 2019


**Respond to your order confirmation if you would like to be seated with other confirmed guests**

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