"no theme / just fantastic wines" WINE TASTING 05.02.19

"no theme / just fantastic wine" WINE TASTING

Camino Roca Altxerri Txakolina
(Refreshing, classic wine from Basque region)
Solena Pinot Gris
(Wine Enthusiast Top 100 Wines of 2018, 92 pts)
Mustiguillo Atance Bobal
(100% Bobal!)
Pedro Parra "MONK"
(Super limited release red from Pedro Parra who makes our beloved "PENCOPOLITANO" and "IMAGINADOR")
Gramercy Cellars "The Third Man"
(Consistently highly rated 90+ point GSM blend from Washington)
Valravn Cabernet Sauvignon
(Rich, ripe Bordeaux-esque from Sonoma County)
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