Alice Spumante Brut Rose “Ose”

Glera, Marzemino

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Alice Spumante Brut Rosé 'Osé'


Alice Spumante Brut Rosé 'Osé'Why Be Curious? A Brut sparkling rosé from our grower Prosecco producer in the foothills of the Dolomites. These are pink bubbles with a unique twist: the pink comes from the distinctive variety Marzemino. Besides being Mozart’s favorite (“Versa il vino! Eccellente Marzemino!” [2:30-2:50]), Marzemino lends both aromatics and acidity. Although Marzemino has been grown in the Prosecco zone for generations, Alice is the only producer to use it in a sparkling wine.

Produttore / Producer: Two women in the northern-most reaches of the Conegliano and Valdobiaddene hills with the Dolomites in their backyard are on a mission to make pure, elegant, natural, mineral Prosecco. Cinzia and Pier Francesca are full-on passion, working full-time in the vineyard and in the cantina (less romantic nowadays, but vital in sparkling wines).

Vigna / Vineyard: In the northern part of the Conegliano and Valdobbiadine zone, near Vittorio Veneto. Soils are of glacial moraine origin: chalky, rocky, lean, and full of minerals. Sustainable leaning to organic farming, with trees and other vegetation among the vineyard plots. No herbicides or pesticides in the vineyard, and all weeding is done by hand.

Cantina / Cellar: Destemming and brief maceration on the skins, gentle hydraulic pressing, static settling of juice, fermentation at 18°-20°C, remains on the lees for about 2 months. Pressurization in steel tank, charmat method. Refermentation for around 50 days at 18°C.

Il Vino / The Wine: “Osé” means risqué or daring in Italian: Alice is the only producer in the Prosecco zone who has dared to use Marzemino in a sparkling wine. Beautiful color, lovely aromatics, pure, and Brut dry.

A Tavola… / At the Table… The pink color and floral aromatics suggest sweetness, but in the mouth the wine is dry and completely refreshing. Go ahead — take the dare.


Vigna / Vineyard
Denominazione / Appellation: Vino Spumante (from vineyards in the Prosecco DOC).
Nome / Name: in Refrontolo.
Ettari / Hectares: 0.8 hectares.
Quota / Altitude: 200 m / 655 ft.
Suoli / Type of soils: Of glacial moraine origin: chalky, rocky, lean, and rich in minerals.
Esposizione / Exposure: South West.
Vitigni / Varieties: 90% Glera (the variety formerly known as Prosecco), 10% Marzemino.
Età delle viti / Vine age: 40 years old.
Densità / Planting Density: 4000 vines/hectare.
Allevamento / Trellis system: Sylvoz.
Data di vendemmia / Harvest date: Second half of September.
Metodo di vendemmia / Harvest technique: Hand harvested.
Metodo agricolo / Agricultural technique: Lotta integrata (sustainable, but here it really means something, including a green, mostly solar-powered winery).
Resa / Yield: 100 hectoliters / hectare.

Cantina / Cellar
Fermentazione alcolica / Alcoholic fermentation: In stainless steel tanks, 18°-20°C; remains on the lees for about 60 days.
Élevage: Pressurization in steel tank (charmat method); refermentation for around 50 days at 18°-20°C.
Gradazione alcolica / Alcoholic %: 11.5%.
Residual sugar: 8-10 g/l.
pH: 3.2.
Pressure: 5 bars.
Total acidity: 5.7 g/l.
Tappo e bottiglia / Closure and bottle: Natural cork (sparkling), 750 ml clear glass custom Alice bottle.