2021 Edmunds St. John

2021 Edmunds St. John "Bone Jolly" Gamay Noir Rosé

Gamay Noir, Syrah

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Rosé of Gamay Noir + Syrah

"Our 2021 Bone-Jolly rose includes Syrah in addition to Gamay Noir. The blend is a tribute to the Mansfield family; Ron Mansfield and Edmunds St. John began working together back in 1988, and 2022 marks the 25th year of the collaboration. Ron has turned the bulk of the operation over to his son, Chuck, over the past few seasons, and it's been a tremendous privilege, and a great pleasure to know and work with them for all this time. They deserve a big chunk of the credit for the success of Edmunds St. John all these years. Cheers, Steve Edmunds and Cornelia St. John"