Assoluto Passito by Pala, 2019 (375ml)

Assoluto Passito by Pala, 2019 (375ml)

Nasco, Vermentino

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Sweet dessert wine from Sardinia

From the winery:



Grapes: Nasco 80%, Vermentino 20%

Vineyards and training method: Vineyard Is Crabilis (Ussana) and Benatzu Coloru (Serdiana) low espalier, traditional alberello.

Age of the vineyard: 40 years.

Yield: 35/40 quintals/hectare.

Soil Type: Medium hill, clayey, calcareous, rich in texture, 150/180 m above sea level

Vinification, Maturation, Ageing: The grapes are dried naturally on the plant for 15 days. At the gathering of the grapes follows the vinification at controlled temperature with the addition of yeasts selected in our own vineyards. After the over-ripening, the fermentation takes place in small stainless steel vats at controlled temperature, around 20°. After a light clarification, the wine is left to rest for a few days. The refinement lasts six months in stainless steel and then the wine is bottled six months before being put on the market, to complete the finishing process.

Tasting: Golden colour with an antique brilliance. Full and intense aroma with evident notes of ripe fruit, dried fruit and honey. Soft concentrated taste, definitely sweet, but balanced, with a pleasant almond final taste, good olfactory persistence.

Matching and service: Pastries with almond or walnut base, mildly spicy cheeses. Serve at 10/12° C, uncorking the bottle right before pouring.



Assoluto means absolute and absolute is the Nasco which is absolutely Sardo (Sardinian)… that’s why we gave this name to the wine.

Assoluto is the wine for the friends. Traditionally a glass of Nasco was offered the the visiting guests in each family and Pala family too.

To make it fresher than the traditional one, we added a bit of Vermentino passito in the same way."