The Ojai Vineyard

The Ojai Vineyard "Ojai Red", NV

Syrah, Pinot Noir, Barbera

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Pronounced "Oh-Hi", this non-vintage red wine is from The Ojai Vineyard who makes amazing vineyard specific wine. Since 1992 they've made the "Ojai Red" for their local market. It is a composite of their exclusive bottlings, made from what is left after racking - they combine & resettle and blend together in a sort of table wine style, though it's far from that! The bottling we have is rich with red and dark fruits on the nose, swirls of caramel, hints of forest floor. Palate is both vibrant and fruit driven, with solid tannic structure and sophistication. Dominated by Syrah, smoothed with Pinot Noir, with touches of Barbera.

Ojai Valley | California