Scarpa "Rosso Scarpa" Monferrato Rosso DOC

Dolcetto, Ruché, Barbera, Freisa

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SCARPA was founded in the second half of the eighteenth century by a Venetian migrant, Antonio Scarpa.  This is a well established winery, handed down over time to become what it is today:  A historic winery, built on hundreds of years of winemaking history and styles.  Today's wines are influenced by the lineage of winemakers with experience in Burgundy, Alsace.  This leads to a unique portfolio of wines, built on tradition but with a worldly influence.  This wine is super rustic, lighthearted and playful, being Scarpa's entry level wine. 70% Dolcetto, 10% Ruché, 10% Barbera, 10% Freisa.  Monferrato Rosso DOC, Italy