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Berton Vineyard "Metal Label" Petite Sirah, 2021

Petite Sirah

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Dark black plum, mulled spices, blackberries. Both rich and lifted, with plenty of blackberry on a concentrated juicy but overall fresh, pretty palate. 100% Durif, known to us as Petite Sirah, a variety created by the crossing of Syrah and the obscure Peloursin varietal in France in the late 1800s. Petite Sirah thrives in warmer climates, as such the grapes for this bottling are sourced from Riverina, New South Wales, where the soil is rich and climate warm. Bob and Cherie Berton started Berton Vineyard with the purchase of land in 1996, now they have multiple labels, "Metal Label" being one of them.

Riverina | Australia