Allamand "Altamira" Malbec, 2014


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Allamand Altamira Malbec

100% malbec from Federico Villafane's vineyard in Altamira, with yields of 30 hl/hectare and 50% first and second year french oak for 12 months and a minimum of 9 months in the bottle before market release.

 Luminis’ main objective with this wine is to show the distinctive characteristics that our own grapes grown in the micro zone of Altamira, a small portion of the district of La Consulta, inside the department of San Carlos (along with the departments of Tunuyán and Tupungato forms the now extremely coveted Valle de Uco area) are capable of expressing.

Starting at approximately 3,000 feet above sea level and going all the way to altitudes of 8,200 feet above sea level, Valle de Uco is today “THE” place to grow distinct wines in Argentina. Valle de Uco encompasses an area that starts 80 km south of the city of Mendoza and extends through another 50 km south and west to the very feet of the Andes Range.

Because Valle de Uco is a very extensive area that cuts across the departments of Tunuyán, Tupungato, and San Carlos, one can find a lot of diversity in the wines the valley produces. However, and in general terms, it is fair to say that Valle de Uco tends to produce wines that are more elegant, showcasing more finesse, and when using grapes properly grown, one can find a lot of complexity in its wines.

Altamira, a very small micro zone inside Valle de Uco, is slowly becoming famous because of its ability to produce wines that are very distinct and that can show mineral characteristics. The reason being is the fact that the soil in this very small area is extremely poor and comprised of about 20 centimeters of top soil followed by big
rocks with a good amount of reactive calcareous component attached to them.

As part of our ongoing effort to offer a deeper sense of place and a more direct connection to the land where our wines are grown, we intend to showcase “Altamira characteristics” through this 100% malbec that is made with fruit that comes from one single vineyard that belongs to Federico ‘Fico’ Villafane, father in law of our viticultor and winemaker Cristian Allamand, responsible for planting these 10 hectares of malbec in 1997.

The grapes that we used for this wine were hand harvested in small 15 kg trays on April 16th and 17th 2013, at a yield of approximately 2.4 tons per acre (30 hl/ha). 50% the wine spent 12 months in first and second year oak barrels (100% French), and then 9 months in the bottle before its release to the market.

Total production of Allamand Altamira Malbec 2013 was 2,404 6-packs