Mas Que Vinos Vinmut Dry Vermouth


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BLEND | Malvar wine with botanicals

WINEMAKING | Malvar grapes are pressed and fermented dry in stainless steel tank. The wine is then blended and infused with wormwood, calamus root, angelica root, cinnamon sticks, fennel seeds, anise, juniper berry and orange peel and undergoes an 8 month maceration period before bottling.


TASTING NOTES | Vinmut is a modern interpretation of century old German and Spanish recipes. A bone dry, light vermouth with no added alcohol or sugar.

SERVING | Perfect for martinis.

Spanish Kiss Recipe - 1:1 Vinmut and sweet Vermouth over ice with orange peel
MQV Recipe - 2:1 Vinmut and gingerale over ice with orange peel and a green olive


Más Que Vinos was founded in La Rioja in 1998 when three friends - Margarita Madrigal, Alexandra Schmedes and Gonzalo Rodriguez met. Three winemakers, each one with extense winemaking experience. Seeing the great potential of the vineyards in Gonzalo’s hometown of Dosbarrios (outside Toledo), they launched their personal winery project rescuing old plots of indigenous grape varieties and moving to all organic viticulture. They renovated the old family winery (from 1851) and in 2007 constructed a new modern winery in nearby Cabañas de Yepes.

TIERRA DE CASTILLA || The area of the villages Dosbarrios and Cabañas de Yepes is called the Meseta de Ocaña and is located 60 kilometers east of Toledo. The climate is continental with very cold, dry winters and hot summers. Due to the high altitude (750 meters) the warm summer days are accompanied by cool nights - ideal conditions for perfect ripening. The main varieties are Cencibel (Tempranillo), Garnacha and Airén. Más Que Vinos owns the 35 hectare Finca Horcajo and farms another 35 hectares in Dosbarrios, Cabañas de Yepes and Villarrubia.