Tocai Friulano Pét-Nat 2017 Channing Daughters

Tocai Friulano Pét-Nat 2017 Channing Daughters

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Channing Daughters Tocai Friulano Pét-Nat, 2017 31.99

Pét-Nat, short for Pétillant Naturel, is a way of making sparkling wine where the wine is bottled before all the residual sugar has been fermented into alcohol.

Fermentation continues in the bottle and gives off carbon dioxide (the sparkling!) but is typically a more “lightly” sparkling wine than Champagne. This traditional method, also called “Methode Ancestral” has been embraced by natural winemakers and often features a “crown cap” closure.  Tocai Friulano is an ancient Bordeaux grape.

Straw colored, alluring aromas and flavors of white flowers, biscuits, apples and pears, yeasty bread, talc and salty minerals. Dry with refreshing acidity and great balance of mousse, alcohol, acid and fruit character.

Stainless steel tank fermented before bottling with crown cap.

Long Island AVA, New York