Nanclares y Prieto

Nanclares y Prieto "Dandelion", 2022


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Salty seaside, ripe lemon on the nose. Fresh, light yet loaded with lemony citrus and mandarin notes on a mineral streaked, sea-salt palate. Thirst quenching and zippy.  Alberto Nanclares and Silvia Prieto make evocative Atlantic-influenced wines from 25-45 year old Albariño vines situated at sea level around the historic village for Albariño, Cambados. They use biodynamic, organic farming practices and a restrained hand in the cellar. The Dandelion wine ferments with native yeast in Stainless Steel tanks. Alberto started the tiny winery in 1997 after moving to the area with his wife. Silvia joined in 2015 bringing her technical expertise.

Cambados, Salnes | Riax Baixas, Spain