Gilli EXTRA DRY Vino Spumante Rosato

Malvasia di Schierano

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"New" Gilli

Off-dry bubbles from Cascina Gilli of the same Malvasia di Schierano grape


Malvasia di Schierano represents an extraordinary discovery for Cascina Gilli and we have always felt the role of custodians of this variety. Over the years we have made enormous progress in understanding this precious grape and it seems that it has not yet finished surpriring us.
Following some experiments conducted alongside the Bonafus Expermimental Cellar, Gilli Extra Dry was born in 2019. It is a rosé sparkling wine, where we find the irresistible floral bouquet and the aftertaste of small red fruits of the classic Malvasia Gilli.

The marked acidity and low sugar content make it excellent as an aperitif or in combination with delicate first courses and fish.