HaloVino Wine Tumblers

HaloVino Wine Tumblers

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HaloVino tumblers allow you to drink wine AND enjoy it, even when glass is not permitted!

HaloVino combines the cost and convenience of plastic cups with the taste and experience associated with pricey wine glasses.

When glass is not an option, TASTE is... HaloVino makes your wine TASTE BETTER with NO SPLATTER.

Stackable, Recyclable, Reusable, Dishwasher-Safe, BPA-Free, Made in USA Stack, Snap, & Savor. The unique two-piece design easily snaps together for a water-tight seal. 6.3 oz (187.5 mL or 1/4 of a 750mL wine bottle) fill line just below the seal, and 11.5 oz top fill.Perfect for concerts, tailgating, pools, picnics, BBQs, boating, camping and the beach!